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Why do I see "" on my credit card statement?

The pending charge on your card originated from a business that uses to accept payments on their website or mobile app. Most popular websites include celebrity premium websites and internet streaming websites.

Who is enables businesses to accept payments through websites and mobile apps.

When you make a purchase through some of the most popular sites on the web, or through certain apps on your smartphone,'s software securely handles all of the connections to your credit card company and bank.

Why doesn't my statement show the name of the business I made the purchase from?

Since our merchants use to securely send payment information to your credit card company and bank, our name may temporarily appear on your credit card statements.

Once the transaction is finalized by your bank, you should see the name of the business where you made your purchase usually within 7 days. Some merchants like webcam and adult oriented sites prefer to just use as the name descriptor on their clients bank and credit card statements to keep the transaction discreet.

Why does charge still appear after the transaction is finalized?

Some banks and merchants choose to keep's name in the transaction details, even after the transaction has been finalized.

If the name stays on your credit card statement it is most likely from a website preferring to keep the transaction discreet as stated above. Just send an email to support and they will provide you with the information you need about your purchase.

Should I just do a Charge Back?

If you choose this option without finding out why the charge appeared on your credit card statement and from which website or mobile app you made the purchase from, you could have your name placed on a black list and may not be able to purchase through one of the hundreds of popular sites and mobile apps on the internet that processes credits cards for.

Please contact support before doing a chargeback to keep your name off of any black lists. Please note that black lists are automatically shared amongst many banks and credit card processing companies to keep fraudulent transactions at a minimum and could delay a lot of your further online purchases.

Still have questions?

If you joined any of the sites or purchased any mobile apps as a consumer, click here for billing support and questions.

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